भारतीय सामान्य ज्ञान Quiz-01 (Top Important National International days, Indian Dance Form)

India General Knowledge Quiz-01 of all top National and International Awards [Gk in Hindi], Indian Navy Ranks, all Indian national related dance form & India history Gk questions and answers quiz, Important National International days list etc.

its important national international days and awards, about India objective general knowledge question and answer quiz| Hindi Gk about India History and important Gk question| भारतीय सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी (Indian Gk in Hindi Quiz) | Indian navy ranks list, India most famous traditional folk dance (cg-gk-quiz) etc.
important national international days and awards
Que (01): In what area are given “Borlaug Award“.
[A] Literature Area
[B] Agriculture  ✔
[C] Educational Area
[D] Arts Area
Que (02): In what is given “Diameter Award“.
[A] Science Field
[B] Medicine Field
[C] Economics Field
[D] Literature Field ✔
Que (03): What is the “Grammy Awards“.
[A] Film Award
[B] Music Award ✔
[C] Oscar Award
[D] National Award
Que (04): Which area is concerned “Yamini Krishnamurthy“.
[A] Bharata Natyam ✔
[B] MohiniAttam
[C] Kathak
[D] None of Above
Que (05): Who is the “Chief of Navy“.
[A] General
[B] Lieutenant Commander
[C] Chief General
[D] Admiral ✔

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Que (06): Where is the “WTO” and “WHO” Headquarters ?
[A] Geneva, Switzerland ✔
[B] Manchester, England
[C] Hamburg, Germany
[D] Glasgow, Scotland
Que (07): What is the author name of the “Ayne Akbari” ?
[A] Abul Fazl ✔
[B] Qutb-ud-Din Aibak
[C] Akbar
[D] None of above
Que (08): Hopman Cup” is related to –
[A] Hockey Cup
[B] Cricket Cup
[C] Tennis Cup ✔
[D] Table Tenic Cup
Que (09): Deshmukh” is known as –
[A] Chetan Bhakat
[B] Chittaranjan Das ✔
[C] Gopal Hari Deshmukh
[D] None of above
Que (10): National Sports Day” is celebrated –
[A] 20 August
[B] 25 August
[C] 29 August ✔
[D] 30 August
Que (11): World Human Rights Day” is celebrated –
[A] 01 November
[B] 10 December ✔
[C] 05 October
[D] 03 November
Que (12): What is the founder of “Tughlakabad“.
[A] Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq ✔
[B] Qutubuddin Aibak
[C]. Sher Shah Suri
[D] None of Above
Que (13): Ajanta Caves” Built in india, what is ruler name –
[A] Mourya Ruler
[B] Gupt Ruler ✔
[C] Tuglak Ruler
[D] Kalachuri Ruler&nbsp
Que (14): In India, “Kaviguru” known as –
[A] Mahakavi Kalidas
[B] Tansen
[C] Rabindranath tagore ✔
[D] Amir Khusrow
Que (15): In India, “Shakespeare” was known as –
[A] Amir Khusrow ✔
[B] Mahakavi Kalidas
[C] Subramania Bharti
[D] None of above

Que (16): What is the God Father name of “Gujarat” ?
[A] Mr. Ravishankar Maharaj
[B] Dr. Manmohan Singh
[C] Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi ✔
[D] Mr. Harin Thakkar
Que (17): World Blood Donor Day” is celebrated –
[A] 15 July
[B] 03 May
[C] 14 June ✔
[D] 20 April
Que (18): World Press Freedom Day” is celebrated –
[A] 01 May
[B] 02 May
[C] 03 May ✔
[D] 04 May
Que (19):World Environment Day” is celebrated –
[A] 02 June
[B] 03 June
[C] 04 June
[D] 05 June ✔
Que (20): In India, “National Youth Day” is celebrated –
[A] 12 January ✔
[B] 15 January
[C] 12 February
[D] 15 February

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