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English Language & Comprehension – AIIMS Raipur Exams Solved Question Paper Quiz. General English Language Comprehension Questions, CG AIIMS Raipur Previous Year Online Exam Question Paper.

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AIIMS English Language and Comprehension Quiz

English Language & Comprehension – CG AIIMS Raipur Question Paper

Q.1. Which is the one word that aptly explains the meaning of the words underlines here?

“After I was Given The Cold Shoulder by the new members in the term, I have not participated in the workouts.”

[A] Thrown out
[B] Greeted
[C] Ignored 
[D] Suffered Injury

[C] Ignored

Q.2. Which of the options gives one word for the underlined words?

“Fagin ran a school for scoundrels. All those who passed out would become criminals who could never be reformed.”

[A] Optimistic
[B] Incorrigible
[C] Culpable
[D] Venerable

[B] Incorrigible

Q.3. Which is the Antonym of the underlined word?

“Being a newcomer in the team, he found it difficult to Retaliate. When he was at the receiving end.” 

[A] Strike
[B] Forgive
[C] Revenge
[D] Repay

[B] Forgive

Q.4. I had to make _______ with my boss in order to move on with the assignment.
[A] Communication
[B] Peace
[C] Dialogue
[D] Conservation

[B] Peace

Q.5. He felt as if he had been thrown to the wolves, once his companions abandoned him half-way though the trek.

“What does “Thrown to the wolves” mean ?”

[A] Let down
[B] Exposed to danger
[C] Left in the wild
[D] Forgotten

[B] Exposed to danger

Q.6.  _____ flood _____ destroyed all the farmer’s crop.
[A] The, is
[B] The, was
[C] A, has
[D] An, has

[C] A, has

Q.7. I can give you a ‘brief’ description of the right candidate for the job.

“Which is the word that can replace “Brief” ?”

[A] Informative
[B] Short
[C] Mandatory
[D] Momentary

[B] Short

Q.8. After a tough campaign, the candidate ‘threw in the towel’ when he knew that money was changing hand to win votes.

 “What does ‘Throw in the Towel” mean here?”

[A] Disqualify
[B] Declare himself Unfit
[C] Admit defeat
[D] Rebel

[C] Admit defeat

Q.9. Give one word for the words underlined in the sentence.

“Tipu Sultan’s forces could not take control of Travancore because flash floods upset their plans.”

[A] Compress
[B] Influence
[C] Subjugate 
[D] Run over

[C] Subjugate

Q.10. What does the underlined word mean?

“When Alok was entrusted with the task, I had not even dreant that he would overstep his brief.”

[A] Cross the limits
[B] Violate the law
[C] Go beyond the given instruction
[D] Go back on his work

[C] Go beyond the given instruction

Q.11. What does the underlined expression mean ?

 “One has to accept that might is right has become the order of the day.”

[A] Martial skills
[B] Good health
[C] Authority, muscle power etc
[D] sportsmanship

[C] Authority, muscle power etc.

Q.12. Which one word gives the meaning of the underlined words ?

“When Boddy Fischer and Gary Kasparov met at Stockholm for the world title in chess, the former treated the opponent like an adversary.”

[A] Unmannerly
[B] Inimically
[C] Disrespectfully
[D] shabbily

[B] Inimically

Q.13. Mrinal collects ______ plate after the meal.
[A] Many
[B] Some
[C] Everybody’s
[D] Few

[C] Everybody’s

Q.14. What is the Antonym of ‘leverage’ here ?

“Some of the telecom companies have a leverage because of their pricing structure.” 

[A] Respect
[B] Market share
[C] Weakness
[D] Advantage

[C] Weakness

Q.15. Which of the following is spelt correctly?
[A] Oposition
[B] Opossession
[C] Opposission
[D] Opposition

[D] Opposition

Q.16. Which is the proper sequence that will make a complete sentence ?

“but an arena (A) / seen as a condition (B) / is that life is no longer (C) / the big change today (D)”



Q.17. Which is the proper sequence of these sentences ?
(a) These bridges were meant to facilitate travel to Harsil.
(b) The most famous of them was the 350-foot suspension bridge over jatganga.
(c) Bridge-building was another of Wilson’s ventures.
(d) This contraption of a bridge was at first a source of terror.



Q.18. Which is the proper sequence of these sentences ?
(a) Some of the old graves have disappeared in the debris.
(b) A lot has changed since Sister Nivedita’s time.
(c) A cloudburst and landslide on the Alakananda had resulted in great destruction.
(d) And as for the beautiful temple, it was swept away by a mighty flood in 1970.



Q.19. Hundreds of job-seekers _______ to the cities in search of better opportunities.
[A] Migrate
[B] Retreat
[C] Withdraw
[D] Evacuate

[A] Migrate

Q.20. Every election raises a sense of ‘concern’ among voters.

“Which of the following words can replace ‘Concern’ ?”

[A] Worry
[B] Company
[C] Confidence
[D] Reassurance

[A] Worry

Q.21. Which of the following is spelt correctly ?
[A] Accomodation
[B] Accommedation
[C] Accommodation
[D] Acommodation

[C] Accommodation

Q.22. Which is the most appropriate sequence of these sentences?

(a) I wrote a sequel of sorts, it wasn’t as good.
(b) While I was in England, I wrote my first novel.
(c) The novel was so spontaneous and unsophisticated.
(d) The novel was a little immature because it was the heart and mind of a seventeen-year-old.



Q.23. Which is the proper sequence of these sentences?

(a) The new tape-recorder, when it first came.
(b) The voices of all we knew.
(c) And more for recording.
(d) Was used less for listening.



Q.24. The crowd was ____ by the brutality of the police.
[A] Composed
[B] Agitated 
[C] Soothed
[D] Satisfied

[B] Agitated

Q.25. Which is the proper sequence of these sections which will make a sentence?

(A) to set-up a joint venture
(B) India and Bangladesh have decided
(C) power plant to supply energy to adjoining districts in both countries
(D) as a mark of cooperation 



(Que. No : 26 to 30)- Read the passage below and answer questions based on it. 

Standing outside on his bouginvillea-draped porch, with the majestic snow capped Dhauladhar Mountains of northern India as a backdrop, the Dalai Lama greeted me warmly as he led me inside his home. Little had changed in this room since our first meeting twenty years before. The same traditional Tibetan thanka paintings line the pale yellow walls, the same Buddhist shrine covered with ornate Buddhist icons at one end of the room, and the same floor-to-ceiling relief map of Tibet dominating the opposite wall. Even the modest furniture appreciated to be the same, although it’s possible the sofa may have been reupholstered,

As I unpacked my notebooks and fumbled with my tape recorder, we spoke casually about some of his meetings earlier that day. The Dalai Lama generally scheduled our meetings for his las appointment of the day, so as I loitered in the attached reception room waiting for our meeting to begin, I often had the opportunity to observe the collection of individuals who came to meet with him. On that day, in particular, I was struck by the diversity of individuals seeking his time and counsel, people coming to visit him from all corners of the earth. 

Q.26. What does ‘struck by’ mean in this context ?
[A] Ignored
[B] Impressed
[C] Affected
[D] Passed off

[B] Impressed

Q.27. Which word can replace ‘Majestic’ without altering the meaning ?
[A] Resplendent
[B] Humble
[C] Regal
[D] Imposing

[D] Imposing

Q.28. Which word can replace ‘Counsel’ here ?
[A] Advice
[B] A group of people
[C] Lawyer
[D] Committee

[A] Advice

Q.29. According to the paragraph, what does ‘Icon’ ?
[A] Frame
[B] Image
[C] Object
[D] Clay model

[B] Image

Q.30. What is the profession of the person meeting the ‘Dalai Lama’ ?
[A] Journalist
[B] Professor
[C] Linguistic
[D] Environmentalist

[A] Journalist

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