कम्प्यूटर भाषा सामान्य ज्ञान- Objective Gk Questions Quiz-04 (Type of Language)

Computer Language Objective General Knowledge Questions Quiz (कम्प्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान):

All Competitive Exam Based All Computer Generation (कम्प्यूटर की पीढ़ी) and Basic Computer Language General Knowledge of Fundamental Questions and Answers | Online Mock Test with Fundamental, Historical Hindi Quiz.

it's computer language general knowledge objective questions and answer in hindi quiz | computer general knowledge questions about all competitive exam based computer generation | basic computer language questions and answers | online mock test with fundamental, historical Hindi PDF etc.
Computer GK Questions and Answers Quiz in Hindi

Que (1):First Generation Computer is known as;
[A] Mechanical
[B] Electro Mechanical

[C] Electrical
[D] All of above

[B] Electro Mechanical ✔
Que(2): What is the name of Machine known as Oldest Data Reader/Counter?

[A] Rectangle Abacus
[B] Electrical Watch
[C] Electronic Calculator
[D] Abacus

[D] Abacus ✔
Que(3): Who is the name of first Adding Machine, which can add numbers.

[A] Jeard
[B] Dus-light
[C] Pascal
[D] None of these

[C] Pascal ✔
Que(4): What is name of the Computer Parts used in Second Generation?

[A] Vacuum tube
[B] Transistor
[C] Integrated Circuit [IC]
[D] All of above

[B] Transistor ✔
Que(5): Who invented BASIC Language ?
[A] 1960
[B] 1961
[C] 1971
[D] 1978
[C] 1971 ✔
Que(6): Fifth (5th) Generation Computer has Specialty of –

[A] Artificial intelligence
[B] Microprocessor
[C] Cost a lot of work
[D] Every Household use

[A] Artificial intelligence ✔
Que(7):What is the full name of ENIAC ?

[A] Electronic National Implementation and Code
[B] Electric Number Integrator for Automatic Code
[C] Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
[D] Enlarge Numeral Integrator Automatic Card

[C] Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator ✔
Que(8): First (1st) Electronic Computer known as;


Que(9): What is established in ROM

[A] Output Bus
[B] Input Bus
[D] Kernel Bus

[C] BIOS ✔
Que(10): What is the principle of functioning of Digital Computers?

[A] Operating
[B] Calculation and Reasoning
[C] Measurement
[D] Software Basis

[B] Calculation and Reasoning ✔
Que (11)Which of the following is NOT a HACKING TOOLS ?
[A] Nmap
[B] Nessus
[C] Winzapper

[D] Obnam

[D] Obnam ✔
Que(12)HOTBOT is an Example of :
[A] Web Games
[B] Social Networks
[C] Search Engines

[D] None of these

[C] Search Engines ✔

Que (13)What MENU is selected to change FONT and STYLE ?
[A] File
[B] Edit
[C] Format
[D] Tools

[C] Format ✔

Que (14)Which statement of TRUE for a BOOT VIRUS ?
[A] It is a Computer Program.
[B] It infects Boot Records
[C] t is Most Active when a Computer is Booting.
[D] All of these

[D] All of these

Que (15): Which of the following WORKS an MOUSE ?
[A] Keyboard
[B] Track Ball
[C] Light Pen
[D] Both (b) and (c)

[B] Track Ball ✔

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