General English Grammar Competitive Exam Questions And Answers Quiz 06

General English Grammar for Competitive Exams Questions and Answers Quiz (Top 50 most Idioms and Phrases with meanings and examples)

general english grammar competitive exam questions and answers quiz. English General Knowledge Quiz for class 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 includes top idiom/phrase word, choose correct sentence, preposition, conjunction, one word substitute, opposite word, find out part error in sentence, online mock test English quiz etc.
English idioms and phrases example with meaning

Que (1): Select the group of words that is most nearly similar in meaning to the most top Idiom/Phrase in capital letters.


[A]  Utmost hatred for someone.

[B]  Close family tree.
[C]  To twist hair into a particular shape.
[D]  A seemingly impossible or difficult take or problem. ✔

Que (2): Choose the Correct Sentence :
[A]  There are many large shops in Oxford Street. ✔
[B]  There are many large shops in a Oxford Street.
[C]  There are many large shops in an Oxford Street.
[D]  There are many large shops in the Oxford Street.

Que (3): Complete the following sentence by inserting a suitable “Preposition form the given alternatives.

“We are sorry ………………………………….. your misfortune.”

[A]  About ✔
[B]  for
[C]  At
[D]  With

Que (4):  Choose the most appropriate “One Word Substitute for the following from the given alternatives :

   “To send back a person to his own country.”

[A]  Expatriate

[B]  Delegate
[C]  Expel
[D]  Repatriate ✔

Que (5): Choose an appropriate word from the alternatives given to supply a “Conjunction for completing the following sentence.
 “He acts ___________ he were already the boss”.
[A]  Like
[B]  That
[C]  As if ✔
[D]  So that

Que (6): Select the word  that is most nearly Opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.


[A]  Precious

[B]  Estimate
[C]  Authentic ✔
[D]  Indecent

Que (7): Identify the correct “Indirect expression of the above imperative.

He says to us, “Keep the gate closed”.

[A]  He says us to keep the gate closed.
[B]  He says to keep the gate closed.
[C]  He says that we are to keep the gate closed. ✔
[D]  He asked that we were supposed to close the gate.

Que (8): Choose the correct passive form of the following sentence :

   “I remember them taking me to the zoo”.

[A]  They remember taking me to the zoo.

[B]  I remember them taken to the zoo by them.
[C]  I remember being taken to the zoo. ✔
[D]  None of the above

Que (9): Find out which part of the following sentence has an ERROR :

He tried / hardly to / win the race.
(I)            (II)             (III)
[A]  I
[B]  II ✔
[C]  III
[D]  None of the above

Que (10): In which of the following sentences the use of the idiom at sixes and sevensis not appropriate ?

[A]  He apologized because the house was at sixes and sevens.
[B]  Our teacher had just moved in to a new classroom, and she was still at sixes and sevens.
[C]  After the captain of the team broke his leg, the other players were at sixes and sevens. ✔
[D]  The dog’s barking kept the Browns at sixes and sevens with their neighbors for months.

Que(11) : Select the correct ACTIVE FORM for the above sentence from the alternative suggested below –
 “The room will be cleaned later”

[A]  Somebody will clean the room later.  ✔
[B]  Somebody shall clean the room.
[C]  Somebody later is going to clean the room.
[D]  Somebody must clean it later.

Que(12) : Choose the correct PASSIVE FORM for the following sentence –

 My parents are watching the kids.

[A]   The kids are watched at by my parents.
[B]   The kids were watched by my parents.
[C]   The kids have been watching by my parents
[D]   The kids are being watched by my parents  ✔

Que(13) : Select the word which is choosiest to the OPPOSITE in meaning of the underlined word in the following sentence –

The facts of the case were obscured by the speech of the defense counsel. 

[A]   Reflected
[B]   Illustrated
[C]   Exhibited
[D]   Clarified   ✔

Que(14) :  Choose one word substitute for the following phase from the alternatives provided –

One who is gifted with several talents. 

[A]   Versatile  ✔
[B]   Stoic
[C]   Volunteer
[D]   Omniscient

Que(15) : Choose the Mis-Spelt word –
[A]   embarassment
[B]   Harassed
[C]   Cdiosyncracies   ✔
[D]   Unparalleled

Que(16) : Consider the sentence –

He said, “Alas! I am ruined.” What is the INDIRECT SPEECH of the above sentence ?

[A]   He said that he was ruined.
[B]   He exclaimed that he was ruined  ✔
[C]   He exclaimed that Alas he was ruined
[D]   None of the above

Que(17) :  Which of the following word is not its own SINGULAR ?
[A]   Scissors
[B]   Spectacles
[C]   Tongs
[D]   Stereos  ✔

Que(18) : What is the antonyms for CULPABLE.
[A]   Prone
[B]   Blameless  ✔
[C]   Careless
[D]   Irresponsible

Que(19) :  Which of the following has the CORRECT SPELLING ?
[A]   Catastropic
[B]   Catastrophe  ✔
[C]   Catostrophe
[D]   None of the above

Que(20) :  The one word used for “the branch of physics dealing with low temperature is”
[A]   Cytogenetics
[B]   Cryptography
[C]   Cryogenics  ✔
[D]   None of the above

Que(21) :  Choose the correct sentence –
[A]   The sceneries here are not good .
[B]   In India there are many poor.  ✔
[C]   We have received no information.
[D]  He provided the blinds with food.

Que(22) : Insert a suitable article in the blank to complete the following sentence from the alternatives provided –

We had dinner in ______ most expensive restaurant. 
[A]   A
[B]   An
[C]   The ✔
[D]   Some

Que(23) : Select the CORRECT Sentence from the following sentences –
(1) He had four day’s leave
(2) He had leave of four days.
(3) He had leave for four days.
(4) He had four days leave.

[A]   (1) AND (2)
[B]   (2) AND (3)
[C]   (3) AND (4)  ✔
[D]   (1) AND (4)

Que(24) : Fill in the blank choosing the most Appropriate Alternative and Complete the following sentence-

We _______ them to arrive since last Thursday

[A]   Have expected
[B]   Have been expecting  ✔
[C]   Expect
[D]   Are expecting

Que(25) : He said to me, “Go home”.
Which of the following sentence correctly expresses the above sentence in INDIRECT SPEECH ?
[A]   He said me to go home
[B]   He told, Go home !
[C]   He told me to go home  ✔
[D]   He said that I must go home

Que(26) :  They are playing ______ Cricket.
Fill in the blank with Appropriate Article if required –

[A]   A
[B]   An
[C]   The
[D]   No article  ✔

Que(27) :  Musicians mind are attuned _______ music. 
Fill in the blank with one of the following PREPOSITION.

[A]   On
[B]   At
[C]   With
[D]   To  ✔

Que(28) :  Which of the following word is an adjective formed from the word PASSION” –
[A]   Passionism
[B]   Passionately
[C]   Passionate  ✔
[D]   None of the above

Que(29) : Which of the following is not a CONJUNCTION ?
[A]   And
[B]   On  ✔
[C]   But
[D]   None

Que(30) :  “Shun the dangerous path”.
What is the PASSIVE form of the above sentence ?

[A]   Let the dangerous path be shun
[B]   Let the dangerous path be shunned  ✔
[C]   The dangerous path should be shunned
[D]   None

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