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Maths Questions and Answers Quiz -01 [Maths Gk for Competitive Exams]

Maths Questions and Answers Quiz -01 (Maths Gk for Competitive Exams) includes all maths tricks, maths shortcut tricks, maths percentage tricks, maths tricks for all competitive exam, mathematics formula tricks and maths game quiz. maths questions and answers quiz.

Maths Questions and Answers Quiz [Maths Tricks]
Maths Questions and Answers Quiz [Maths Tricks]

Q.1. The wheel of a car of radius 1 feet covers a distance in seven cycle :
[A] 22 feet
[B] 44 feet
[C] 11 feet
[D] None of above

[B] 44 feet

Q.2. In a certain party the ratio of boys to girls is 5 : 3 respectively. If 10 boys leave the party the ratio becomes 1: 1. Then how many persons were there in the party ?
[A] 32
[B] 40
[C] 48
[D] 64

[B] 40

Q.3. There are 40 students in a mess. If the number of students increases by 10 then its monthly expenditure increases by Rs. 200 and the average expenditure per student decreases by Rs. 200 per month. The original expenditure of the mess per month was:
[A] Rs. 48000
[B] Rs. 50000
[C] Rs. 46000
[D] None of above

[A] Rs. 48000

Q.4. What will be the cost of whitewash of a room having length 5m, breadth 4m and height 3m at the rate of Rs. 5 per sq meter ?
[A] Rs. 220
[B] Rs. 450
[C] Rs. 270
[D] None of above

[D] None of above

Q.5. If a person takes loan of Rs. 9000/- from two Banks A and B at the simple interest rate of 5% and 7% respectively. If in two years he has to pay Rs. 954 as interest then the amount of loan obtained from each banks are :
[A]  Rs. 1350 from Bank A
Rs. 7650 from Bank B
[B]  Rs. 7650 from Bank A
Rs. 1350 from Bank B
[C]  Rs. 2000 from Bank A
Rs. 7000 from Bank B
[D] Rs. 7000 from Bank A
Rs. 2000 from Bank B

[B] Rs. 7650 from Bank A | Rs. 1350 from Bank B

Q.6. If each edge of a cube is increased by 50% then its surface area is increased by :
[A] 50%
[B] 125%
[C] 150%
[D] None of above

[B] 125%

Q.7. The length of a side of cubical vessel is 4 meter. What is the longest possible rod that can be kept within the vessel ?
[A] 4 meter
[B] 4√2  meter
[C] 4√3  meter
[D] None of above

[C] 4√3 meter

Q.8. 5% of 0.03 is what percentage of 0.05 ?
[A] 3%
[B] 30%
[C] 0.3%
[D] None of above

[A] 3%

Q.9. The cost of petrol increase by 25%. By what percent consumption should be reduced so that the expenditure is same?
[A] 20%
[B] 25%
[C] 15%
[D] None of above

[A] 20%

Q.10. If the radius of a circle in increased by 1cm then the ratio of new circumference and new diameter will be:
[A] π : 1
[B] (π + 1) : π
[C] (π + 2) : 1
[D] (π/2 – 1) : 1

[A] π : 1

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