General English Vocabulary And Synonyms Questions and Answers Quiz-02

Important General English Questions and Answers Quiz:

Important General English Q&A Including General English Vocabulary and Synonyms Question related questions quiz for Competitive Exams.

Important General English Questions and Answers quiz (General English Vocabulary and Synonyms quiz) including English Vocabulary (English Synonyms quiz) | English language questions quiz solutions, English Synonyms and Antonyms quiz, SSC General English questions and answers quiz, Bank General English questions papers.
General English Questions and Answers Quiz (English Vocabulary- Antonyms Quiz)

Directions: In each of the following questions [Synonyms], find out the alternative which means most nearly the same as the word given in capitals:

Que (1): BEHAVE: 
[A] Act
[B] Speak
[C] Move
[D] Go
[E] Manners

[A] Act ✔

Que (2): REQUEST :
[A] Permit
[B] Allow
[C] Pray
[D] Document
[E] Search

[A] Permit ✔

Que (3): GRANTED :
[A] Permitted
[B] Denied
[C] Approved
[D] Sanctioned
[E] Declared

[D] Sanctioned ✔

Que (4): STATE :
[A] Government
[B] Style
[C] Standard
[D] Affirm
[E] Condition

[E] Condition ✔

Que (5): LONGED :
[A] Returned
[B] Wished
[C] Delayed
[D] Narrowed
[E] Desired very much

[E] Desired very much ✔

Que (6): BEHAVIOUR :
[A] Conduct
[B] Blessing
[C] Candid
[D] Cajole
[E] Tacit

[A] Conduct ✔

Que (7): BURGLAR : 
[A] Gentle
[B] Bandit
[C] Industrious
[D] Alert
[E] Provoke

[B] Bandit ✔

Que (8): BEAUTIFY : 
[A] Adorn
[B] Implore
[C] Censure
[D] Lustrous
[E] Rare

[A] Adorn ✔

Que (9): CANDID : 
[A] Flame
[B] Fuel
[C] Frank
[D] Slander
[E] Famous

[C] Frank ✔

Que (10): EMANCIPATE : 
[A] Emit
[B] Worn out
[C] Old
[D] Liberate
[E] Savage

[D] Liberate ✔

Que (11): CHICANERY : 
[A] Choleric
[B] Cogent
[C] Trickery
[D] Confess
[E] Behold

[C] Trickery ✔

Que (12): EXCULPATE : 
[A] Surplus
[B] Absolve
[C] Exigency
[D] Empty
[E] None of the above

[B] Absolve ✔

Que (13): ENTIRE :
[A] Whole
[B] Submit
[C] Exist
[D] Entice
[E] Envy

[A] Whole ✔

Que (14): INNOCUOUS : 
[A] Harmless
[B] Insidious
[C] Insolvent
[D] Invasion
[E] Inevitable

[A] Harmless ✔

Que (15): INVOKE : 
[A] Summon
[B] Tease
[C] Laconic
[D] Lazy
[E] Deplore

[A] Summon ✔

[A] Knowing
[B] Grasping
[C] Seizing
[D] Snatching
[E] Annexing

[B] Grasping ✔

Que (17): STRINGENT : 
[A] Inflexible
[B] Flexible
[C] Staunch
[D] Unshakable
[E] Tough

[E] Tough ✔

Que (18): EVOKED :
[A] Provoked
[B] Instigated
[C] Aroused
[D] Awakened
[E] Excited

[C] Aroused ✔

Que (19): SANCTITY :
[A] Propriety
[B] Sacredness
[C] Purity
[D] Consecration
[E] Hollowness

[B] Sacredness ✔

Que (20): INTEGRATION : 
[A] Disintegration
[B] Unity
[C] Combination
[D] Harmonisation
[E] Compromise

[B] Unity ✔

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