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One Word Substitution Quiz- English Grammar Questions with Answers

General English Questions and Answers Quiz -03 include with English “One Word Substitution” Questions and Answers Quiz.

General English Questions and Answers Quiz include with English "One Word Substitution" Questions and Answers Quiz include with English Vocabulary| List of One Word Substitution| Most Important One Word Substitution| Bank and SSC General English Awareness Questions and Answers Quiz. Online Top English grammar notes.
One Word Substitution | General English Question and Answer Quiz

General English Questions Directions: Select the word from the alternatives [One Who Substitution] which closely fits to the definitions:

Que(1): One who studies the origin and growth of language: 
[A] Philologist
[B] Linguist
[C] Bibliophile
[D] Gourmet
[E] Archaeologist

[B]  Linguist (भाषाविद)

Que (2): The study of right and wrong in human conduct : 
[A] Semantics
[B] Ethics
[C] Aesthetics
[D] Anaesthetics
[E] Morality

[B]  Ethics (आचार-विचार)

Que (3): The school or college in which one has been educated : 
[A] Alma mater
[B] Alumni
[C] Cloister
[D] Calvin
[E] Matinee

[A]  Alma mater (मातृ संस्था)

Que (4): One who is morbidly anxious about ones health : 
[A] Maniac
[B] Valetudinarian
[C] Pessimist
[D] Hypochondriac
[E] Sagacious

[D]  Hypochondriac

Que (5): One who is easily folled : 
[A] Credulous
[B] Gullible
[C] Bully
[D] Voluble
[E] Tractable

[B]  Gullible (भोला)

पढ़ें ► वर्णमाला, स्वर, व्यंजन एवं उनके प्रकार: हिंदी व्याकरण सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोतरी

पढ़ें ► तत्सम, तद्भव, देशज, विदेशी शब्द क्या है? शब्दों के प्रकार व भेद

Que (6): One who collects postage stamps : 
[A] Sinecure
[B] Gourmet
[C] Philanderer
[D] Philatelist
[E] Maniac

[D]  Philatelist (टिकट संग्रहक)

Que (7): A word which can be interpreted in any way : 
[A] Amphibious
[B] Ambiguous
[C] Anachronistic
[D] Confusing
[E] Desultory

[B]  Ambiguous (अस्पष्ट)

Que (8): A thing which catches fire easily : 
[A] Callous
[B] Efflorescent
[C] Effervescent
[D] Inflammable
[E] Impatient

[D]  Inflammable (ज्वलनशील)

Que (9): One who hates mankind : 
[A] Mercenary
[B] Neurotic
[C] Philanthropist
[D] Misanthropist
[E] Callous

[D]  Misanthropist (मनुष्यद्रोही)

Que (10): Animals which live both on land and in water : 
[A] Abstemious
[B] Ambiguous
[C] Amphibious
[D] Rapacious
[E] Delectable

[C]  Amphibious (उभयचर)

Que (11): A science which studies insects : 
[A] Entomology
[B] Epistemology
[C] Etymology
[D] Biology
[E] Geo biology

[A]  Entomology (कीटविज्ञान)

Que (12): That which cannot be conquered : 
[A] Inviolable
[B] Invincible
[C] Ineluctable
[D] Ineffable
[E] Indelible

[B]  Invincible (अजेय)

Que (13): A disease which spreads by contact : 
[A] Infectious
[B] Contiguous
[C] Contagious
[D] Uxorious
[E] Herbal

[C]  Contagious (संक्रामक)

Que (14): A person who is violently hostile to established beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions : 
[A] Heretic
[B] Agnostic
[C] Apothecary
[D] Theist
[E] Iconoclast

[E]  Iconoclast (प्रतिमा भंजन)

Que (15): A tank where fish or water plants are kept : 
[A] Nursery
[B] Apiary
[C] Aquarium
[D] Aviary
[E] Hydro habitat

[C]  Aquarium (मत्स्यालय)

Que (16): One who believes easily : 
[A] Sedulous
[B] Credible
[C] Assiduous
[D] Creditable
[E] Credulous

[E]  Credulous (विश्रंभी)

Que (17): A speech made for the first time : 
[A] Simultaneous
[B] Drawn
[C] Extempore
[D] Uxorious
[E] Maiden

[E]  Maiden (प्रथम)

Que (18): That which cannot be corrected : 
[A] Ineligible
[B] Ineluctable
[C] Inscrutable
[D] Incorrigible
[E] Intractable

[D]  Incorrigible (असंशोधनीय)

Que (19): A child born after the death of its father or a book published after the death of its author : 
[A] Posterior
[B] Posthumous
[C] Pantomime
[D] Peripatetic
[E] Post Script

[B]  Posthumous (मरणोपरांत)

Que (20): Round about way of saying : 
[A] Circumvention
[B] Circumspection
[C] Circumlocution
[D] Circumcision
[E] Circulation

[C]  Circumlocution (कपटपूर्ण बातें)

इन्हें भी पढ़ें

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