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General English Questions and Answers Quiz 05

General English Questions and Answers Quiz include with English Opposite Word, Spelt Word, One Word Substitution, Correct Word Meaning and Passive and Active Voice Questions Quiz etc. 

Its general english questions and answers quiz include with basic english opposite word, spelt word, one word substitution, correct word meaning and passive and active voice questions quiz, practice english grammar questions quiz with examples online mock test pdf etc.
General English Questions and Answers Gk Quiz

Q.1. Choose the Opposite Word in the meaning to the given Bold word –


[A] Misery
[B] Stagnation
[C] Neglect
[D] Poverty

[D] Poverty

Q.2. Find the correctly spelt word
[A] Magneficent
[B] Magnificent
[C] Magnigicient
[D] Magnificente

[B] Magnificent

Q.3. Butter and Bread __________ wholesome food –
[A] Is
[B] Have
[C] Are
[D] Were

[A] Is

Q.4. Choose correct One Word Substitution –

       “The College or School in which one has been educated”

[A] Alma mater
[B] Alumini
[C] Cloister
[D] Caivin

[A] Alma mater

Q.5. This is_______ Cat I like .
[A] A
[B] An
[C] The
[D] None of these

[C] The

Q.6. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given below word –


[A] Poisonous
[B] Friendly
[C] Satisfying
[D] Heartening

[B] Friendly

Q.7. Our train will pass ___________ Station during late Hours of nights. –
[A] By
[B] Through
[C] With
[D] From

[B] Through

Q.8. Change the Voice –

   “I was him leaving the house”.

[A] He was seen leaving the house by me
[B] Leaving the house he was seen by me
[C] He was seen to be leaving the house
[D] He had been seen leaving the house

[A] He was seen leaving the house by me.

Q.9. Kolkata is situated ______ the banks of river Hoogly. –
[A] By
[B] At
[C] In
[D] On

[D] On

Q.10. Each of my _______ is hard working.
[A] Student
[B] Students
[C] All student
[D] Every

[B] Students

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