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General English Questions and Answers Quiz -04 (English Vocabulary-Antonyms)

General English Questions and Answers Quiz:

General English questions and answers quiz include with English Vocabulary [English Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz (English Antonyms and Synonyms Quiz)

General English Vocabulary- Antonyms Quiz include with English Vocabulary, English Quiz, English Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz, SSC English Solve Questions Paper, SSC General English Questions and Answers Quiz, Bank General English Questions Papers online mock test free PDF etc.
General English Vocabulary Antonyms Question and Answer Quiz

Directions: In each of the following questions [Antonyms], find out the alternative which is the most opposite in meaning of the word given in capital :

Que (1): Contented : 
[A] Violent
[B] Peaceful
[C] Empty
[D] Unhappy
[E] Pliant

[D] Unhappy ✔

Que (2): Condemned : 
[A] Abandoned
[B] Sifted
[C] Acquiesced
[D] Taken in
[E] liked

[E] liked ✔

Que (3): Comfortable :
[A] Soft

[B] Anxious
[C] Painful
[D] Delectable
[E] Demanding

[C] Painful ✔

Que (4): Ever : 
[A] Nowhere
[B] Never
[C] Everywhere
[D] Neither
[E] Every time

[B] Never ✔

Que (5): Affluent :
[A] Contracted

[B] Inadequate
[C] Indigent
[D] Absurd

[C] Indigent ✔

Que (6): Bless : 
[A] Curse
[B] Cruel
[C] Worse
[D] Quiet

[A] Curse ✔

Que (7): Bright : 
[A] Intelligent
[B] Robust
[C] Quack
[D] Dull

[D] Dull ✔

Que (8): Optimist : 
[A] Pessimist
[B] Exotic
[C] Victor
[D] Reformist

[A] Pessimist ✔

Que (9): Compulsory : 
[A] Optional
[B] Obligatory
[C] Malevolent
[D] None of the above

[A] Optional ✔

Que (10): Surplus : 
[A] Excess
[B] Deficit
[C] Indigent
[D] Exclude

[B] Deficit ✔

Que (11): Pleasure : 
[A] Convict
[B] Pain
[C] Acquit
[D] Happy

[B] Pain ✔

Que (12): Hostile : 
[A] Chaos
[B] Doubtful
[C] Sparse
[D] Friendly

[D] Friendly ✔

Que (13): Deterioration : 
[A] Demotion
[B] Promotion
[C] Decline
[D] Devastation
[E] Rise

[E] Rise ✔

Que (14): Discover : 
[A] Garner
[B] Invent
[C] Obscure
[D] Tarnish
[E] Restrict

[C] Obscure ✔

Que (15): Tough : 
[A] Strong
[B] Easy
[C] Feeble
[D] Debilitating
[E] Meek

[B] Easy ✔

Que (16): Admiration : 
[A] Praise
[B] Eulogy
[C] Calumny
[D] Blame
[E] Deceit

[D] Blame ✔

Que (17): Servitude : 
[A] Freedom
[B] Magnitude
[C] Munificence
[D] Slavery
[E] Subordination

[A] Freedom ✔

Que (18): Dissension : 
[A] Discord
[B] Harmony
[C] Reconciliation
[D] Disruption
[E] Disintegration

[B] Harmony ✔

Que (19): Prolonged : 
[A] Accelerated
[B] Expedited
[C] Delayed
[D] Shortened
[E] Hastened

[D] Shortened ✔

Que (20): Ingeniously : 
[A] Dexterously
[B] Adroitly
[C] Magnificently
[D] Eloquently
[E] Crudely

[E] Crudely ✔

Que (21): Unanimity :    
[A] Disagreement
[B] Undivided opinion
[C] Unison
[D] Substitutional
[E] Victor

[A] Disagreement ✔

Que (22): Undergo :  
[A] Suffer
[B] Revere
[C] Reject
[D] Avoid
[E] None of the above

[D] Avoid ✔

Que (23): Uncouth : 
[A] Crude
[B] Awkward
[C] Unfamiliar
[D] Courteous
[E] None of the above

[D] Courteous ✔

Que (24): Undertake : 
[A] Decide
[B] Conceal
[C] Refrain
[D] Identify

[C] Refrain ✔

Que (25): Unearthly : 
[A] Spectral
[B] Terrestrial
[C] Supernatural
[D] Unnaturally unique

[B] Terrestrial ✔

Que (26): Ungainly : 
[A] Graceful
[B] Ignorant
[C] Awkward
[D] Detaile

[A] Graceful ✔

Que (27): Unkempt : 
[A] Washed
[B] Tawdry
[C] Neat
[D] Untidy

[C] Neat ✔

Que (28): Unseemly : 
[A] Informative
[B] Befitting
[C] Effortless
[D] Conducive

[B] Befitting ✔

Que (29): Vacant : 
[A] Oscillating
[B] Blank
[C] Replete
[D] Vacuous

[C] Replete ✔

Que (30): Futile :   
[A] Necessary
[B] Enjoyable
[C] Conductive
[D] Valuable
[E] Advantageous

[D] Valuable ✔

Que (31): Adequately :
[A] Miserable

[B] Scantily
[C] Abundantly
[D] Profusely
[E] Abounding

[B] Scantily ✔

Que (32): Unsolicited : 
[A] Called for
[B] Demanded
[C] Claimed
[D] Urged upon
[E] Horribly

[B] Demanded ✔

Que (33): Protected :
[A] Sheltered

[B] Undefended
[C] Exposed
[D] Unsecured

[D] Unsecured ✔

Que (34): Rudely : 
[A] Lovingly
[B] Pleasantly
[C] Obediently
[D] Politely

[D] Politely ✔

Que (35): Tantalise :
[A] Disfigure

[B] Produce
[C] Flirt
[D] Satisfy

[D] Satisfy ✔

Que (36): Trade : 
[A] Sluggish
[B] Dilatory
[C] Prompt
[D] Reluctant

[C] Prompt ✔

Que (37): Tarnish  
[A] Dull in lustre
[B] Silly
[C] Brighten
[D] Abnormal

[C] Brighten ✔

Que (38): Tenuous : 
[A] Slender in form
[B] Dangerous
[C] Insignificant
[D] Substantial

[D] Substantial ✔

Que (39): Tarry: 
[A] Leave
[B] Sojourn
[C] Loiter
[D] Decline

[A] Leave ✔

Que (40): Tawdry : 
[A] Flashy
[B] Elegant
[C] Gandy
[D] Abundance

[B] Elegant ✔

Que (41): Tease :  
[A] Irritate
[B] Swindle
[C] Mollify
[D] Provoke
[E] None of the above

[C] Mollify ✔

Que (42): Tedious : 
[A] Tiresome
[B] Monotonous
[C] Irksome
[D] Exciting
[E] Sparse

[D] Exciting ✔

Que (43): Terminate: 
[A] Begin
[B] Abolish
[C] Cease
[D] Restrain
[E] None of the above

[A] Begin ✔

Que (44): Terrible : 
[A] Appalling
[B] Hideous
[C] Devout
[D] Delightful
[E] Chaos

[D] Delightful ✔

Que (45): Thaw : 
[A] Melt
[B] Warm
[C] Abandon
[D] Freeze
[E] None of the above

[D] Freeze ✔

Que (46): Thwart : 
[A] Encourage
[B] Obstruct
[C] Strike Vigorously
[D] Baffle
[E] Slavery

[A] Encourage ✔

Que (47): Toil : 
[A] Strive
[B] Vivid
[C] Sloth
[D] Laborious task
[E] None of the above

[C] Sloth ✔

Que (48): Turbulence : 
[A] Hostility
[B] Causing Disturbance
[C] Calm
[D] Quickness
[E] None of the above

[C] Calm ✔

Que (49): Vagrant : 
[A] Gentleman
[B] Vagabond
[C] Biased
[D] Tramp

[A] Gentleman ✔

Que (50): Vague : 
[A] Shadowy
[B] Uncertain
[C] Clear
[D] Absurd

[C] Clear ✔

Que (51): Vehemence :  
[A] Eagerness
[B] Passion
[C] Apathy
[D] Ascent
[E] None of the above

[C] Apathy ✔

Que (52): Vain : 
[A] Unavailing
[B] Conceited
[C] Ineffectual
[D] Effective
[E] Urged upon

[D] Effective ✔

Que (53): Veneration : 
[A] Disrespects
[B] Embezzlement
[C] Defalcation
[D] Vendetta
[E] None of the above

[A] Disrespects ✔

Que (54): Venturous :  
[A] Perilous
[B] Risky
[C] Cautions
[D] Enterprising
[E] Malevolent

[C] Cautions ✔

Que (55): Vex : 
[A] Anger
[B] Fret
[C] Delight
[D] Wave
[E] None of the above

[C] Delight ✔

Que (56): Virtuous : 
[A] Upright
[B] Vicious
[C] Pure
[D] Recurring
[E] Benevolent

[B] Vicious ✔

Que (57): Vigorous : 
[A] Energetic
[B] Sturdy
[C] Weak
[D] Impressive
[E] None of the above

[C] Weak ✔

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