Computer General Knowledge Quiz for SSC Exam Questions Papers with Answer key

Computer General Knowledge Quiz for SSC Online Exam Questions Paper with Answer key (Part-IV). Computer Awareness Questions (General Knowledge in Hindi Quiz)
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Computer General Knowledge of  SSC Exam MCQs 
Computer Awareness Gk Test 

Que (1): To open Find and Replace Dialog box the required function key is :
[A]  F2 Key
[B]  F5 Key ✔
[C]  F7 Key
[D]  F4 Key

Que (2): Computer Virus 1260 is an example of _________ virus ?
[A]  Boot Sector
[B]  Macro
[C]  Multiple type
[D]  Polymorphic ✔

Que (3): Which of the following is a protocol used on the internet ?
[B]  TCP ✔
[C]  ITU
[D]  PPP

Que (4):Picture formats can be recognized by which extension ?
[A]  .gif
[B]  .jpg
[C]  Both (a) and (b) ✔
[D]  None of the above

Que (5): Multimedia means :
[A]  Picture
[B]  Sound
[C]  Animation
[D]  All of above ✔

Que (6): Which is Order from Largest to Smallest
[D]  TB-GB-MB-KB ✔

Que (7): In Computer; Junk E-mail is called :
[A]  Crap
[B]  Spool
[C]  Sniffer Script
[D]  Spam ✔

Que (8): Information is stored in the computer as the _________ ?
[A]  Analog Data
[B]  Digital Data ✔
[C]  Modem Data
[D]  Programming Data

Que (9): Errors in computer programs is called _________ ?
[A]  Virus
[B]  Bugs ✔
[C]  Crash
[D]  Power Failure

Que (10): What to restart the computer is already running?
[A]  Cold Booting
[B]  Warm Booting ✔
[C]  Shutdown
[D]  Logging Off

Que (11): What is the correction of Programs Error ?
[A]  Compiling
[B]  Debugging ✔
[C]  Grinding
[D]  Interpreting

Que (12):  Which of the following does notStore Data Permanently ?
[A]  ROM
[B]  RAM ✔

Que (13): What is Excel ?
[A]  Word Processing Program
[B]  Database Applications
[C]  Spreadsheet Program ✔
[D]  Presentation Program

Que (14): Which of the following is an exampleRAM ?
[A]  Non Volatile Memory
[B]  Cache Memory
[C]  Volatile Memory ✔
[D]  Virtual Memory

Que (15): Which is the following Fastest Printer ?
[A]  laser Printer
[B]  Drum Printer
[C]  thermal Printer
[D]  Daisy wheel Printer ✔

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