Computer Acronyms | Full Forms (संक्षिप्त नाम): Computer General Knowledge Objective Question-01

Computer General Knowledge Objective Question Based On Acronyms (संक्षिप्त नाम)
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COMPUTER ACRONYMS (संक्षिप्त नाम)

It's computer general knowledge objective question and answer in Hindi quiz | important Gk questions about computer windows shortcut name | full forms | parts | structures | capacity | language cobol | type of printers | online computer Gk notes, online mock test Hindi PDF etc.
Objective Question of Computer General Knowledge of Acronyms
Que (1): What is Full Form of “VGA” ?
[A] Video Graphic Array

[B] Video Gram Area
[C] Video Good Adjuster
[D] Visual Graphics Access

[A] Video Graphic Array

Que (2): What is the Full Name of “WATS” in the Internet ?
[A] Wide Area Telephone Service

[B] Wide Area Tally Service
[C] Wide Area Tole Service
[D] None of above

[A] Wide Area Telephone Service ✔

Que (3): What is the full name of these “ROM”?
[A] Read Optical Memory

[B] Random Only Memory
[C] Read Only Memory
[D] Random Optical Memory

[C] Read Only Memory ✔

Que (4): What is Full Name of “SQL” –
[A] System Query Language

[B] Standard Query Language
[C] Service Query Language
[D] Signal Query Language

[B] Standard Query Language ✔

Que (5): “DMBS” is a –
[A] Data Business Management System

[B] Data Base Magnetic System
[C] Data Base Management System
[D] None of Above

[C] Data Base Management System ✔

Que (6): Full Name of “BASIC” –
[A] Beginner’s All Purpose Insurance in Case

[B] Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
[C] Beginner’s All Source In Company
[D] Basic Application Software In Computer

[B] Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code ✔

Que (7): Full Name of “COBOL” –
[A] Computer Brain Oriented Language

[B] Common Business Optical Language
[C] Computer Business Oriented Language
[D] Common Business Oriented Language

[D] Common Business Oriented Language ✔

Que (8): Full Name of “GUI” –
[A] Graphics Unit Input

[B] Graphics User Interface
[C] Graphics User Intimate
[D] None of above

[B] Graphics User Interface ✔

Que (9): Full Name of “ASCII” –
[A] American Standard Code For Information Interchange

[B] American Source Secret Intelligence Informer
[C] American subject Code Information Interchange
[D] American Secret Crime Information

[A] American Standard Code For Information Interchange ✔

Que (10): Full Name of “ODBC” in the Internet –
[A] Open Data Connectivity

[B] Optical Data Broad Connectivity
[C] Optical Data Business Connectivity
[D] Optical Digital Bit Control

[C] Optical Data Business Connectivity ✔

Que (11): What is HTTP Server response code for requested resource “File Not Found Error“?
[A] 404 Error
[B] 401 Error
[C] 301 Error
[D] 500 Error

[A] 404 Error ✔

Que (12): A ”Dot Matrix Printer” is an example of :
[A] 3D Printer
[B] Impact Printer
[C] Inkjet Printer
[D] Laser Printer

[B] Impact Printer ✔

Que (13): ”Real Time Systems” must have :
[A] Non-Pre-Emptive Kernel

[B] Pre-Emptive Kernel
[C] Both (A) and (B)
[D] None of these

[B] Pre-Emptive Kernel ✔

Que (14): Which of the following is ”INCORRECT” for standard storage capacity ?
[A] Floppy Disk – 114 MB

[B] CD – 700 MB
[C] DVD – 4.7 GB
[D] Blu-ray – 25 GB

[A] Floppy Disk – 114 MB ✔

Que (15): An Email account can not be opened using the following :


[B] ✔

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