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Computer Fundamental एवं Generations संबंधी Objective Questions

General Knowledge about Computer Question And Answer for Computer Fundamental Question. All computer Fundamental & Generation Objective Gk related question.

Basic Computer Generation Fundamental Gk objective Question Quiz

It's computer generation and fundamental gk objective question and answers quiz for computer awareness competitive examination. computer generation fundamental gk objective question quiz with all computer gk in hindi and their parts name with basic computer programme mock test (cggkquiz) pdf etc.
Computer Fundamental and Generation Objective Gk Question and Answers Quiz

Q.1.Valve” Computer Belongs to _________ Generation?
[A] First Generation
[B] Second Generation
[C] Third Generation
[D] Fourth Generation

[A] First Generation

Q.2. Which is used in “Modern Computer“?
[A] VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)
[B] Valve(s)
[C] Vacuum Tube
[D] All of above

[A] VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)

Q.3.Micro Computer” is Called –
[A] Computer On Heep
[B] Computer On a Ship
[C] Čomputer On a Chip

[D] None of these

[C] Computer On a Chip

Q.4. Integrated Circuits [I.C.] is made of –
[A] Carbon Fibber
[B] Silicon

[C] Chromium
[D] Gold

[B] Silicon

Q.5. What is “BINAC” –
[A] A Computer Language
[B] A Computer Hardware
[C] Ă Binary Automatic Computer

[D] A Super Computer

[C] A Binary Automatic Computer

माइक्रोसॉफ्ट की-बोर्ड एम.एस.एक्सेल शाॅर्टकट की, फॉर्मूला | MS Excel shortcut keys

माइक्रोसॉफ्ट ऑफिस वर्ड शॉर्टकट की (हिंदी में) | MS Word Shortcut Keys

Q.6. Who is the first Introduced the “Analog Computer” ?
[A] Robocop
[B] Subang

[C] Electrorg
[D] Ruberg

[B] Subang

Q.7. The Processing Speed of Computer is Increase/Decrease by –
[A] Microprocessor
[B] Motherboard Bus(es)
[C] Bridge
[D] Turbo Switch

[D] Turbo Switch

Q.8. Who Name the Lady, worked with Mr. Charles Babbage known as first Computer Programme ?
[A] Lady Nesta

[B] Lady Smith
[C] 𝙻𝚊𝚍𝚢 Augusta
[D] Lady Freda

[C] Lady Augusta

Q.9. Intel Company: manufacturer which Computer Parts?
[A] Microchip

[B] Hard Disk
[D] Microprocessor

[D] Microprocessor

Q.10. What is the Basic Assumption/Formula of Computer ?
[A] Arithmetic Operation
[B] Storage Capacity
[C] Both (1) and (2)

[D] Logic Operation

[C] Both (1) and (2)

Q.11. Which of the following is Not the Function of Computer ?
[A] Inputting

[B] Outputting
[C] Processing
[D] Understanding

[D] Understanding

Q.12. The default view in EXCEL is _____________ view.
[A] Work
[B] Print
[C] Normal
[D] Auto

[C] Normal

Q.13. In which type of streaming multimedia file is delivered to the client, but Not Shared ?
[A] Real Time Streaming
[B] Progressive Download
[C] Compression
[D] None of the above

[A] Real Time Streaming

Q.14. A REDUCED-SIZE Version of an IMAGE is called a :
[A] Clipart
[B] Bitmap
[C] Thumbnail
[D] Portable Network Graphics

[C] Thumbnail

Q.15. The benefit of using Computer is that:
[A] Computers are very fast and can store huge amount of data.
[B] Computer’s provide accurate output even when input is wrong.
[C] Computers are designed to be inflexible.
[D] All of the above.

[A] Computers are very fast and can store huge amount of data

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