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Chhattisgarh General Knowledge Quiz Important miscellaneous CG General Awareness Questions in Hindi includes Chhattisgarh GK Quiz of all Ancient CG History with CG Sangeet College, CG Tatya-Tope, Chhattisgarh Ground Movement, CG Corporation Agitation, Gk questions and answers quiz also.

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Chhattisgarh Gk Questions and Answers Quiz

Q.1: Who was the first superintendent of Chhattisgarh State during the British protectorate from 1818 to 1830 ?
[A] Major Agnew
[B] Captain Edmund
[C] Captain Hunter
[D] Major Crawford

[B] Captain Edmund ✔

Q.2: Which Kalachuri King of this state (Chhattisgarh) had assumed the title Sakalkosaladhipati?
[A] Ratnaraj I
[B] Prithvidev I
[C] Ratnaraj II
[D] Prithvidev II

[C] Ratnaraj II ✔

Q.3: Who was the leader of famous Tribal Revolt of Bastar in 1910 in this State (Chhattisgarh)?
[A] Bhairamdev Singh
[B] Kunwar Bahadur Singh
[C] Gundadhur
[D] Ramnath Singh

[C] Gundadhur ✔

Q.4: In which year the Raipur Conspiracy Case occurred in this state (Chhattisgarh)?
[A] 1920
[B] 1925
[C] 1932
[D] 1942

[D] 1942 ✔

Q.5:  After whose name an Award for non-violence and cow-protection has been instituted in this state (Chhattisgarh)?
[A] Guru Ghasidas
[B] Yati Yatanlal
[C] Maharaja Agrasen
[D] Pravir Chanda Bhanjdev

[B] Yati Yatanlal ✔

Q.6: Which Indian Soldier of British Force Stationed at Raipur in this state assassinated has officer Major Sidwell ?
[A] Narayan Singh
[B] Ghazi Khan
[C] Shiv Narayan
[D] Hanuman Singh

[D] Hanuman Singh ✔

Q.7: Who served as the first Chief Information Commissioner of this Chhattisgarh state ?
[A] Anil Joshi
[B] Serjius Minj
[C] A.K. Vijayvargiya
[D] S.K. Tiwari

[C] A.K. Vijayvargiya ✔

Q.8: Who of the following is credited to have brought Mahatma Gandhi on his first visit to this state in December 1920 ?
[A] Pt. Ravishankar Shukla
[B] Pt. Sunderlal Sharma
[C] Narayana Rao Meghawale
[D] E.Raghvendra Rao

[B] Pt. Sunderlal Sharma ✔

Q.9: Which administrative system prevailed in this state during Maratha Rule from 1787 to 1818 ?
[A] Balutedari System
[B] Iqta System
[C] Suba System
[D] Ijaradari System

[C] Suba System ✔

Q.10: Who of the following leaders of this state became the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh ?
[A] E.Raghavendra Rao
[B] Pt. Ravishankar Shukla
[C] Dwaraka Prasad Mishra
[D] Khoob Chand Baghel

[B] Pt. Ravishankar Shukla

Q.11: During whose reign the Chinese traveler ‘Hiuen Tsang (Xuanzang) visited Sirpur situated in this state?
[A] Harshagupta
[B] Mahashivgupta Balarjuna
[C] Nannaraj
[D] Prasannamatra

[B] Mahashivgupta Balarjuna ✔

Q.12: Who was the first Acting Chief Justice of High Court of this Chhattisgarh State?
[A] Justice A.K. Patnaik
[B] Justice S.R. Nayak
[C] Ĵustice Jagdish Bhalla
[D] Justice R.S. Garg

[D] Justice R.S. Garg ✔

Q.13: From which place of this state the first newspaper Chhattisgarh Mitra was published in 1900 ?
[A] Bilaspur
[B] Pendra
[C] Bacheli
[D] Champa

[B] Pendra ✔

Q.14: Which tribal revolt occurred in Baster region of this state in 1824-25 against the Marathas ?
[A] Paralkot Revolt
[B] Tarapur Revolt
[C] Meria Revolt
[D] Koi Revolt

[A] Paralkot Revolt ✔

Q.15: Who led the first workers strike in this state in 1920 ?
[A] Thakur Pyarelal Singh
[B] R,S, Ruikar
[C] Waman Rao Lakhe
[D] Mahadev Rao Sapre

[A] Thakur Pyarelal Singh ✔

Q.16: Which commander-in-chief of Raghuji Bhonsle of Nagpur had virtually ended the Kalchuri Sovereignty in this CG State ?
[A] Bhaskar Pant
[B] Bimbaji Bhonsle
[C] Raghunath Singh
[D] Janoji Bhonsle

[B] Bimbaji Bhonsle ✔

Q.17: Who of the following British Officers transferred the capital of this Chhattisgarh State from Ratanpur to Raipur ?
[A] Captain Edmund
[B] Major Agnew
[C] Captain Hunter
[D] Major Crawford

[B] Major Agnew ✔

Q.18: Which satyagraha was organised in 1920 at village Kandel in this CG State?
[A] Forest Satyagraha
[B] Salt Satyagraha
[C] Canal Satyagraha
[D] No-Tax Satyagraha

[C] Canal Satyagraha ✔

Q.19: Which organization was established in 1909 at Rajnandagaon of this CG State to promote national consciousness ?
[A] Mitra Mela
[B] Abhinav Bharat
[C] Bal-Samaj Library
[D] Saraswati Library

[D] Saraswati Library ✔

Q.20: At which place in this chhattisgarh forest satyagraha was held in August 1930?
[A] Rudri Nawagaon
[B] Tamora
[C] Podigaon
[D] Mohabana

[A] Rudri Nawagaon ✔
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