Chhattisgarh General Knowledge Quiz-09 (Important CG General Awareness Questions in Hindi)

Chhattisgarh General Knowledge Quiz -09Important CG General Awareness Questions in Hindi.India GK Quiz for Government Exam Aspirants, india economy: India democratic policy Gk in Hindi.It’s includes Chhattisgarh GK Quiz of all Ancient CG History with CG Sangeet College, CG Tatya-Tope, Chhattisgarh Ground Movement, CG Corporation Agitation, Gk questions and answers quiz also.
Chhattisgarh General Knowledge Quiz -09. It's includes Chhattisgarh GK Quiz of all CG History in Hindi with CG General Awareness Quiz, CG Sangeet College, Tatya-Tope, Mahatma Gandhi Chhattisgarh Ground Movement, CG Vyapam Exam related questions paper, India GK Quiz for Aspirants, Economy, Democratic Policy Gk in Hindi.
Chhattisgarh Gk Questions and Answers Quiz

Que (01): Who was the first superintendent of this state (Chhattisgarh) during the British protectorate from 1818 to 1830 ?
[A]  Major Agnew
[B]  Captain Edmund ✔
[C]  Captain Hunter
[D]  Major Crawford

Que (02): Which Kalachuri King of this state (Chhattisgarh) had assumed the title Sakalkosaladhipati?
[A]  Ratnaraj I
[B]  Prithvidev I
[C]  Ratnaraj II ✔
[D]  Prithvidev II

Que (03): Who was the leader of famous Tribal Revolt of Bastar in 1910 in this State (Chhattisgarh)?
[A]  Bhairamdev Singh
[B]  Kunwar Bahadur Singh
[C]  Gundadhur ✔
[D]  Ramnath Singh

Que (04): In which year the Raipur Conspiracy Case occurred in this state (Chhattisgarh)?
[A]  1920
[B]  1925
[C]  1932
[D]  1942 ✔

Que (05):  After whose name an Award for non-violence and cow-protection has been instituted in this state (Chhattisgarh)?
[A]  Guru Ghasidas
[B]  Yati Yatanlal ✔
[C]  Maharaja Agrasen
[D]  Pravir Chanda Bhanjdev

Que (06): Which Indian Soldier of British Force Stationed at Raipur in this state assassinated has officer Major Sidwell ?
[A]  Narayan Singh
[B]  Ghazi Khan
[C]  Shiv Narayan
[D]  Hanuman Singh ✔

Que (07): Who served as the first Chief Information Commissioner of this state (Chhattisgarh) ?
[A]  Anil Joshi
[B]  Serjius Minj
[C]  A.K. Vijayvargiya ✔
[D]  S.K. Tiwari

Que (08): Who of the following is credited to have broughtMahatma Gandhion his first visit to this state in December 1920 ?
[A]  Pt. Ravishankar Shukla
[B]  Pt. Sunderlal Sharma ✔
[C]  Narayana Rao Meghawale
[D]  E.Raghvendra Rao

Que (09): Which administrative system prevailed in this state during Maratha Rule from 1787 to 1818 ?
[A]  Balutedari System
[B]  Iqta System
[C]  Suba System ✔
[D]  Ijaradari System

Que (10): Who of the following leaders of this state became the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh ?
[A]  E.Raghavendra Rao
[B]  Pt. Ravishankar Shukla ✔ 
[C]  Dwaraka Prasad Mishra
[D]  Khoob Chand Baghel

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