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वस्तुनिष्ठ कम्प्यूटर प्रश्न-उत्तर | SSC CGL Computer Questions MCQs

वस्तुनिष्ठ कम्प्यूटर प्रश्न-उत्तर | Computer Questions and Answers Quiz

Basic Computer General Knowledge Quiz for Online SSC CGL Computer Questions Paper with Answer key (Part-IV). Computer Awareness MCQs for Class 10, 9, 8, 7 (General Knowledge in Hindi Quiz).

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SSC CGL computer mcqs with answers pdf, computer mcqs in hindi

Q(1): To open Find and Replace Dialog box the required function key is:
[A] F2 Key
[B] F5 Key
[C] F7 Key
[D] F4 Key

[B] F5 Key ✔

Q(2): Computer Virus 1260 is an example of _________ virus ?
[A] Boot Sector
[B] Macro
[C] Multiple type
[D] Polymorphic

[D] Polymorphic ✔

Q(3): Which of the following is a protocol used on the internet ?

[B] TCP ✔

Q(4): Picture formats can be recognized by which extension ?
[A] .gif
[B] .jpg
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of the above

[C] Both (a) and (b) ✔

Q(5): Multimedia means :
[A] Picture
[B] Sound
[C] Animation
[D] All of above

[D] All of above ✔

Q(6): Which is Order from Largest to Smallest –
[A] TB – MB – GB – KB
[B] GB – TB – MB – KB
[C] TB – GB – KB – MB
[D] TB – GB – MB – KB

[D] TB – GB – MB – KB ✔

Q(7): In Computer; Junk E-mail is called :
[A] Crap
[B] Spool
[C] Sniffer Script
[D] Spam

[D] Spam ✔

Q(8): Information is stored in the computer as the _____ ?
[A] Analog Data
[B] Digital Data
[C] Modem Data
[D] Programming Data

[B] Digital Data ✔

Q(9): Errors in computer programs is called ______ ?
[A] Virus
[B] Bugs
[C] Crash
[D] Power Failure

[B] Bugs ✔

Q(10): What to restart the computer is already running?
[A] Cold Booting
[B] Warm Booting
[C] Shutdown
[D] Logging Off

[B] Warm Booting ✔

Q(11): What is the correction of Programs Error ?
[A] Compiling
[B] Debugging
[C] Grinding
[D] Interpreting

[B] Debugging ✔

Q(12): Which of the following does not Store Data Permanently ?

[B] RAM ✔

Q(13): What is Excel ?
[A] Word Processing Program
[B] Database Applications
[C] Spreadsheet Program
[D] Presentation Program

[C] Spreadsheet Program ✔

Q(14): Which of the following is an example RAM ?
[A] Non Volatile Memory
[B] Cache Memory
[C] Volatile Memory
[D] Virtual Memory

[C] Volatile Memory ✔

Q(15): Which is the following Fastest Printer ?
[A] laser Printer
[B] Drum Printer
[C] thermal Printer
[D] Daisy wheel Printer

[D] Daisy wheel Printer ✔

Q(16): Which one of the following is an Impact Printer ?
[A] Plotter
[B] Laser Printer
[C] Ink-Jet Printer
[D] Dot Matrix Printer

[D] Dot Matrix Printer ✔

Q(17): In which of the following Medical Examination, Computer or Computer Peripheral is used ?
[A] X-Ray
[B] Ultrasonography
[D] None of above

[B] Ultrasonography ✔

Q(18): Cyber Riot Virus is a :
[A] Server Virus
[B] Dos Virus
[C] Window Virus
[D] None of above

[C] Window Virus ✔

Q(19): Which of the following devices is a type of printer ?
[A] Thermal Flat Bed
[B] Cathode Ray Tube
[C] Liquid Crystal Display
[D] Light Emitting Diode

[A]  Thermal Flat Bed ✔

Q(20): The most essential base for computers is :
[A] Transistor
[B] Binary arithmetic
[C] (a) and (b) both
[D] None of above

[B] Binary arithmetic ✔

Q(21): Which of the following is not used to connect to the Internet ?

[C] VDU ✔

Q(22): Software that Prevents, Detects and Remove destructive programs is called :
[A] Worm
[B] Trojan Horse
[C] Antivirus
[D] Virus

[C]  Antivirus ✔

Q(23): WYSIWYG means :
[A] What You See Is What You Get
[B] Where You Sit Is Where You Get
[C] Ŵhat You Say Is What You Get
[D] What You Show Is What You Get

[A] What You See Is What You Get ✔

Q(24): Which of the following requires Internet Connectivity for access ?
[A] Facebook
[B] Twitter
[C] Whatsapp
[D] All of above

[D] All of above ✔

Q(25): Which one of the following is not an Input Device ?
[A] Plotter
[B] Mouse
[C] Scanner
[D] Keyboard

[A] Plotter ✔

Q(26): The tool which helps us to find information on internet is called ?
[A] Search Port
[B] Search Engine
[C] Śearch Station
[D] Search Party

[B] Search Engine ✔

Q(27): To start a slide show using MS Power Point _________ key should be pressed.
[A] F2 Key
[B] F3 Key
[C] F4 Key
[D] F5 Key

[D] F5 Key ✔

Q(28): What was AttaVista (अट्टा-विस्टा) ?
[A] E-mail
[B] Hardware
[C] Search Engine
[D] Video Maker Program

[C] Search Engine ✔

Q(29): Which of the following Operating System software is used to start a Computer System ?
[D] All of above

[D] All of above ✔

Q(30): Which of the following is a Primary Memory ?
[D] Flash Drive

[A] ROM ✔
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