कम्प्यूटर जनरल नॉलेज क्विज -05 | SSC Exam Questions Papers | Computer MCQs

Basic Computer Awareness- Computer General Knowledge Questions Quiz

Computer General Knowledge Questions Quiz 05 (SSC Exam Computer Questions Papers with Answer key (भाग – ०१)]- includes computer awareness questions and answers Gk Hindi| elementary knowledge of computer | SSC model paper | Microsoft Excel and Word Shortcut Keys in Hindi.

it's computer general knowledge question for ssc exam, computer awareness ssc objective computer question paper in hindi
Computer General Knowledge of  SSC Exam MCQs | Computer Awareness

Que (1):In the Email address hostop@yahoo.com, hostop is known as :
[A] Password
[B] Client Computer
[C] User Name
[D] Server Name

[C] User Name ✔

Que (2):In which one of the following is Volatile Memory?
[A] Printer
[B] Pen Drive
[D] None of above

[A] Printer ✔

Que (3): Which of the following if not a Internet Service Provider ?
[A] Airtel
[C] Indian Railways
[D] None of above

[C] Indian Railways ✔

Que (4):Which of the following is not a Impact Type Printer ?
[A] Drum Printer
[B] Chain Printer
[C] Band Printer
[D] Laser Printer

[C] Band Printer ✔

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Que (5):What is YOUTUBE Services ?
[A] E-mail
[B] Video Maker Website
[C] Video Sharing Website
[D] Video Software

[C] Video Sharing Website ✔

Que (6): To start a Computer it needs :
[A] High Level Language
[B] Low Level Language
[C] Operating System Software
[D] Application Software

[C] Operating System Software ✔

Que (7):A Computer works in the sequence of :
[A] Input-Output-Process
[B] Input-Process-Input
[C] Input-Process-Output
[D] Output-Process-Input

[C] Input-Process-Output ✔

Que (8):The Maximum limit for sending files through E-mail at a time is :
[A] 25 Kb
[B] 30 Kb
[C] 20 Kb
[D] None of above

[D] None of above ✔

Que (9): A single document on the Internet is called :
[A] E-mail
[B] Website
[C] Web page
[D] File

[C] Web page ✔

Que (10): Which of the following is NOT an open source operating system software ?
[A] Ubantu
[B] Free BSD
[C] Open Solaris
[D] Macintosh

[D] Macintosh ✔

Que (11): What is Peripheral Device ?
[A] A Device connected to a computer
[B] Paper in a Printer
[C] Website
[D] Software

[A] A Device connected to a computer ✔

Que (12):Which of the following statements is CORRECT ?
[A] CD has more memory than DVD
[B] DVD has more memory than CD
[C] CD and DVD have same memory
[D] None of above

[B] DVD has more memory than CD ✔

Que (13): What is the language of the Web ?
[A] Java
[B] C#

[D] HTML ✔

Que (14): Telephones use which of the following Communication Technology ?
[A] Analog Signals
[B] Digital Signals
[C] Electrical Signals
[D] Noe of above

[A] Analog Signals ✔

Que (15): When you press “F12” key in MS Word :
[A] ‘Save As’ Dialog box is opened
[B] ‘Save’ Dialog box is opened
[C] ‘Print’ Dialog box is opened
[D] Current document is closed

[A] ‘Save As’ Dialog box is opened ✔

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